Summer, Fall 2018, and subscription boxes

Fall 2018

Weekend Learning for Grades 4-12

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Become a Certified Instructor

Training and certification programs starting in mid 2018. By Invitation Only.

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Goals of Thorro Learning

We come up with Educational Hands-on Kits that meet our 3 Goals - To Promote Learning, Problem Solving & Creativity and developing Essential Life Skills.

Our focus is not just better grades but to promote skills to succeed post high-school and post college.

Subscription Kits for Ages 7+

Our Monthly STEM++ Box Promotes Learning, Problem Solving, Business Skills and Communication Skills

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How we do it

Curate and Create

We are all about hands-on activities to promote learning. We evaluate hundreds of available kits abd Curate a handful that meet our criteria. In some cases, we Create our own kits. 

Curriculum - STEM++

We came up with a curriculum called STEM++. The five main areas we cover are Engineering, Communication, Business, Science and Coding. We have detailed videos explaining each of these areas. 


We develop content in many formats including booklets, videos,  followup questionnaires and self-assessments. This forms a solid foundation to each of our classes and kits.

Our STEM++ Curriculum

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Blog posts

Laser cutter

Laser cutter

Check out the new addition to our office: a laser cutter that can cut patterns through wood, plastic, fabric and more. We plan to use this tool ext...
STEM++ Curriculum

STEM++ Curriculum

At Thorro Learning, we have defined a path-breaking new curriculum called STEM++. Why a new one when there are so many STEM-based curricula out th...
Essential Life Skills

Essential Life Skills

At Thorro Learning, we have been thinking about what are the essential life skills that children should develop from their early years to be succes...

What is thorro Learning?

Our Guarantee

We stand by our products, both in terms of their learning value as well as their safety. We are confident that our kits will significantly enhance your child's learning.